About Us


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Hashtags cannot thoroughly explain the lives of two people making drastic changes – extreme changes – in the direction they are heading. This new heading – reflecting the inner dreams previously shared only with a few – now made public by the eschewing of generally expected norms – like a house – multiple cars – utility and water bills – commuting …. And becoming nomads – seeking to focus less on material things and instead on living life to the fullest in this amazing world given to us. While we truly loved our previous home on the Front Range of beautiful Colorado – we don’t want to be tied to one piece of land when we can have the whole beautiful world as our yard.

We thank those who inspired us and encouraged us to cut the lines and helped us find our way. Follow along as we start a new adventure – it’s not the first – and it won’t be the last – but it is the one we are now pursuing.

Jason:  Literally has done or will do anything – fearless – and he’s got “skills”.   He bikes, runs 10k’s , swims, skis, snowboards, races motorcycles, multiple day motorcycle rides (dirt & pavement), surfs, – you name it he’s done it and is good at everything!  (so says Danelle)   He also can build or fix things and is good with tech stuff including computers and videos.   During racing season runs timing and scoring for professional motorcycle racing.

Danelle: While not good at everything (Jason says, “Its easy! Just try it!) – is willing to try new things.   Enjoys biking and running and hiking.  Also likes crafting (sewing) and gardening and cooking (baking).  Skilled at math and accounting so she’ll be keeping track of the expenses.   She also works for during the racing season as “head operator” for timing and scoring.  Sounds important!

We are parents to 2 wonderful girls who are all grown up now and married and on their own – each married to a great guy that we are proud to call son-in-law.   We hope our new adventure will allow us to see them more in their new homes.  Traveling with us: Sydney our 13 year old Blue Healer and 2 cats: Emma & Nala.